Forever 21 Store Layout

The goal of this assignment is to analyze a store’s layout and explain why it works. Forever 21 has a unique layout, at my location’s entrance they display more street style clothing on the right side, then their contemporary line on the left. As you make your way to the back of the store, you will pass athletic wear and their “basics” collection. Set-ups like these are great because it gets the customer to travel through a majority of the store, which will likely result in a product catching their eye. If they had only walked in for a simple t-shirt from the basics collection, they might end up purchasing more than that.

Also, they display cheaper denim on shelves in at least two spots in the store. This will trigger the customer’s mind making them think, “I need jeans and these are cheap anyway.” Strategies like these prove to be successful, especially with a layout like in Forever 21. FullSizeRender

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